Top 5 Things Wrong with Top 10 Lists

(With regards to the top ten list that’s upsetting everyone today…)

1.)They lump all of us into one mass - one experience. I don’t assume my life experience has been like yours. Do you assume yours was like other people’s? These lists neglect all of our backgrounds - the means we had to achieve the goals we envisioned.

2.)They analyze the ordinary. Doesn’t leave much room for those of us who consider themselves extraordinary does it?

3.) They’re written with the intention of getting the reader to feel…something. You as an informed reader need to figure out what that ‘something’ is. With all writing there’s an objective. That feeling they want to evoke will likely lead to the action they’re hoping you take (perhaps buying something, eating something, researching something, or maybe just becoming complacent).

4.) They’re almost always written from a regretful point of view (“I wish I had___,” “If only I’d known___”). Essentially, these lists are training all of us to view our lives through a lens of being unfulfilled. Where are the “These are the ten best things I’ve done to date!” lists?

5.) Does it matter? Does it matter what the fifth one is? This is the whole point - all those top lists are just collections of a random persons random thoughts organized numerically to make them seem somehow more relevant.

Those lists are irrelevant. This list is irrelevant. Go forth and live the life that’s right for you.

/my first attempt at inspirational speaking