30 DAYS OF GIVING - Day Fifteen

Sorry, frans. I didn’t get to doing my 30 Days of Giving post yesterday, so there will be two today.

Please excuse the late/double post.

For yesterday, please check out Communities in Schools.

Who they are - A nationwide network of professionals who work in public schools to build communities of support for students with the objective of empowering them to stay in school and work towards achieving their goals.

What they do - From the website: “works within the public school system, determining student needs and establishing relationships with local businesses, social service agencies, health care providers, and parent and volunteer organizations to provide needed resources. “

Why it’s important - As it is, many children and students have the odds stacked against them for socioeconomic or geographic (or both) reasons. To top it off, plenty of crazies seem to be coming out of the woodwork suggesting that these students deserve this, or aren’t that bad off and don’t need any special attention or help. (In one extreme case, a certain GOP candidate for US president suggested that students, like those helped by Communities in Schools, should essentially be made indentured servants at their schools.) These kids need our/your help!

What you can do - Donate. Advocate on behalf students at risk for dropping out of school. Join the organization’s network of 57,000+ professionals by volunteering in your local school(s).