30 DAYS OF GIVING - Catch up!!

Hey all - I fell behind in my 30 days of giving due to end of the semester nonsense (test, project, etc.). But I’m here to make up for lost time. For the last few days I’ve missed I’m going to give you a few worthy organizations built on a theme. Word?

Without further ado…

DAY 20 - In honor of #10forTebow here are some women’s health organizations that could use some holiday love from you…

Abortion Access Project - aim to increase access to health care and reproductive health care in areas with limited to no options.  You can…donate, subscribe and organize in your community.

Sister Song - from the website - “amplify and strengthen the collective voices of Indigenous women and women of color to ensure reproductive justice through securing human rights.” You can…Donate, Sign up for the e-newsletter.

DAY 21 - Paying homage to my arts education roots…consider helping a child immerse him or her self in the arts…

Princess Grace Foundation - identifies and assists (via fellowships, scholarships and apprenticeships) new talent in theater, dance and film. You can…donate, or support the organization through various online shops (see website).

DAY 22 - Access to healthy food…

Community Food Security Coalition - this national coalition advocates for healthy, local food, creates networks to inform people about access to healthy food and making healthy choices and sponsors a farm to cafeteria program, among other things. You can…Donate. Join the mailing list.

Share our Strength - Their goal is to end childhood hunger in America by 2015. How you can help - Donate. Participate in events. Volunteer. Become a sponsor. Get your organization involved. All info here.

DAY 23 - Bereavement. I know this is morbid. I just watched several movies in a row about parents losing children. Heartbreaking. They need our/your help as much as anyone, especially around holidays.

The Compassionate Friends - from the website: “assist families toward the positive resolution of grief following the death of a child of any age and to provide information to help others be supportive.” You can…Donate (in a variety of ways, check the link); Support those who may need it; Start a chapter.

DAY 24 - At risk children.

Casey Family Program - from the website: “we are committed to our 2020 Strategy for America’s Children – a goal to safely reduce the number of children in foster care and improve the lives of those who remain in care.” You can…Donate, advocate, provide care, volunteer.

Youth Law Center - from the website: “a public interest law firm that works to protect children in the nation’s foster care and juvenile justice systems from abuse and neglect, and to ensure that they receive the necessary support and services to become healthy and productive adults.” You can…Donate.

30 DAYS OF GIVING - Day Seven

As some of my followers know, since the day after Thanksgiving, I’ve been posting non-profit organizations that can use your help (either your time, resources or donations).

Since today is World Aids Day, I’ve dedicated Day Seven to:


Who they are - A global non-profit founded in the 70’s and dedicated to improving reproductive health using commercial marketing strategies.

What they do - From the website - “Working in partnership within the public and private sectors, and harnessing the power of the markets, PSI provides life-saving products, clinical services and behavior change communications that empower the world’s most vulnerable populations to lead healthier lives.”

In addition to working to stop the spread of HIV, they also have programs aimed at improving reproductive health, increasing the survival rate of children in developing areas and providing tuberculosis services

Why it’s important - tons of reasons of course. Not the least of which is that a healthy global community will lead to a healthy global economy. I’m sure you can think of tons of other reasons their work is important.

What you can do - Donate.Subscribe to their magazine.