The woman Paul Ryan said “must not be from Iowa”…

…is INDEED from Iowa, and she’s PISSED.

I asked you if you were going to cut Medicare.  You didn’t answer. The truth is, Congressman, I already know the answer. I know what’s in the budget you wrote, that your fellow Republicans in Congress voted for, and that your running mate, Gov. Romney, supports. I know it ends Medicare as we know it today and turns it into a voucher program that raises seniors’ costs by thousands of dollars a year and throws us on the mercy of private insurers.

And I assure you, Congressman, what I did, what those other Iowans did that day, wasn’t easy for those of us raised to be “Iowa nice.” From a young age I learned to behave in the way you alluded to, to be extremely friendly and to always assume the best of people.  Over the years I’ve sat very patiently, listening to politicians, watching them dodge questions or distort answers or really just abuse the facts and I never said anything because it wouldn’t be nice, it’s not Iowa nice.

But I’m 63 years old now, I’m retired, and I’ve seen the impact of that silence.  I’ve seen who really pays the price for silence and it is the poor and the middle class.

Let’s make sure we get this Salon article circulating. Voices like hers should not be silenced. Not locally and CERTAINLY not by people running for Vice President.

4 years ago…

at this moment I was in a basement in Cedar Rapids, Iowa trying the hustle votes and laughing while the Hilary camp stared in disbelief at the fact that “the black guy” had about triple the number of caucus goers that Clinton did.

Some fond memories but mostly dark days. So glad to no longer be doing presidential campaign work.

Whatever happens tonight, take it with a grain of salt. The Iowa caucus system is FUCKED UP.

Palin is just an actor

Sarah Palin’s picture show (read “documentary”) is set to air in Iowa next month. It’s (unironically?) entitled “Undefeated”. (Apparently, Election 2008 doesn’t count…) I think better titles would have been ‘Undignified,’ ‘Unintelligent’ or ‘Unacceptable’. You?