The internet makes me want to throw up.

Seriously. The irony. Pre-internet commenting I could be ignorant of the fact that such ignorant people existed. Now I have no choice but to accept it. I’d rather have my ignorance back than have to accept the ignorance of people on the internet.

The torch relay clothes were NOT made in Burma. They were manufactured in Myanmar
I call it Creativity. Others call it OCD.: In anything, but especially in politics



Labeling your opponent with something like ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ or ‘pro-abortion’, you are shutting down any kind of discussion.

Maybe it should shut down conversation because you clearly need time to think about why you support/apologize for racism, sexism or whatever bigoted beliefs to which you have a problem admitting you subscribe. See: sometimes racist, sexist and other bigoted voices need to be shut down, since they’re toxic and all. If someone isn’t giving your backward views a forum, that is a good thing. (W/apologies to the ACLU.)

And also, not all issues warrant discussion. Period. They don’t. Slavery had a lot of discussion. Years and years worth of discussion. Who did that benefit? I’m sure southern white supremacists felt it very unfair when abolitionists called them racist idiots, but…uh…they deserved it.

The belief that all issues are entitled to discussion is not just ignorant but naive and frankly a bit immature.

Love seeing Fakes own the internet idiots! Hahaha.

We wipubwicans didn’t get enough time to talk about da helfcare.

Because from 1776 to present was somehow not enough time.

It’s true, not all conflicts deserve debate. That’s pre-school bullshit and this is not romper room. Whether or not millions of people should have access to affordable healthcare? That’s one of those topics that doesn’t deserve debate.

Grow up.

The thing that gets me about the Palins…

is not their audacity, though they have it in droves. It’s their desperation for relevance. It’s their hope that the American public will turn a blind eye to all their ignorance, negativity, spite and mediocrity and find them relevant. Inexplicably, undeservedly relevant.

You people will never, ever be relevant.

Well made video of some guys at Howard University schooling us all.

You people need to stop…

…using the phrase “gay weddings”. Just “weddings”. Weddings are events, weddings do not have sexual orientations.