How do we feel about the constant financial help requests?

I’ll be honest, and I know this is unpopular, I’m getting kind of annoyed with the frequency that I see requests for financial assistance on tumblr.

Before you get all pissed at me let me state - I am not saying any one specific request is more worthy than another. But, it does seem that initially these requests came when people were in dire straits - custody battles, job losses, etc. Now, I feel like every other day I see a teenager on tumblr with a paypal account looking for help to buy a new tire.

Again, I’m not saying that those people do not have the right to get the money for necessities in whatever way they see fit. And I can absolutely relate to having very little to no money and feeling stuck. I guess the thing for me is this - the more I see posts like this coming through, the less inclined I am to take any of them seriously.

It’s not that I see some requests as frivolous, but I do have my doubts about how dire some of the situations are. Additionally, internet scammers lurk everywhere and I’d hate to see people using tumblr as a place to prey upon the good intentions of some in this online space. That may not have happened yet, but with the frequency of the requests, it’s getting harder and harder to tell.

I don’t know, that’s just me. Unfollow if you feel so compelled. It’s Friday, I’m cranky and a rant was overdue.

Happy 80’s Friday! This Friday marks my final day at the job where I’ve worked for three years. I’m sharing this song today so that Monday morning you can all imagine me walking into my new job with this song as the soundtrack!

Enjoy your weekend, may you find s/he who you’re looking for.

Happy 80’s Friday! May your parents go away on a week vacation and leave you the keys to the Porsche.

(And Leslie Knope’s version…of course.)

It’s 80’s friday time again…I neglected this blog all week. Gah! Next week. There will be posts. And they will be awesome. For now, Happy 80’s Friday…may you keep the sheriff’s posse off your tail…

(Sorry for the lame vid…it was the best youtube option…I spared you from some really lame fan vids…)

Happy 80’s Friday. I hope someone pays attention to your dreams…and plugs your ears when you scream*

(*In the interest of full disclosure I wanted to use Just What I Needed, but alas, it was 1978.)

Happy 80’s Friday, may you run away from the work week with grace!

Happy 80’s Friday. I hope you find the one you need.

Happy 80’s Friday. May your broken wings be mended (and you re-gain the gift of flight) this Valentine’s Day.

Happy 80’s Friday. Go. Dance with somebody. Somebody that loves you. (Also, if you don’t dance, enjoy the karaoke video.)

Happy 80’s Friday. Have a lovely long weekend.