I just cannot even fathom what the American cinematic landscape looks like without Philip Seymour Hoffman in it.

Edit — this was my 900th post. That breaks my heart. It was a milestone post (of sorts) and probably the saddest thing I’ve ever posted.

If I had cast The Fault in Our Stars (and clearly, I did not) Evan Peters would have been my Augustus. 

That’s all.

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If I had cast The Fault in Our Stars (and clearly, I did not) Evan Peters would have been my Augustus.

That’s all.

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One of the best things Key and Peele ever did.

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Amanda Seyfried just may pull this off…

(Gratuitous Les Mis post of the day - GLMPotD)

(UPDATE: The film has a pinterest.)

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Love Free or Die, Official Trailer (2011) from Auburn Seminary on Vimeo.

Love Free or Die, a documentary about Gene Robinson, an openly gay episcopal bishop, was one of the best films I saw at Full Frame this year. The filmmakers subtly, yet poignantly raise the question “Can you preach love and also discriminate?”. The film is on tour, I recommend checking it out!

Why thank you!

parapluiesdoux replied to your post: Fine, I’ll ask the questions…

Elle, are you a journalist? (I hope so. You write like one. …This is a compliment!)

I appreciate your compliment! I am not a journalist, though I did dabble in college. (We all experiment in college, n’est-ce pas? I wrote for/served as an asst. editor at my university’s daily paper.) I am, however, finishing up graduate studies in film. I’d like to make documentaries and in doing so I expect to employ a lot of fundamentals learned during my ‘time in journalism’. (Also, I still really love to write. A lot.)

So last week I pre-empted a flood of film reviews that never came. My apologies. Due to spotty reception at the film festival venues I was unable to barrage you with reviews and trailers.

I figured now is as good a time as any to share the trailer for my favorite film I saw at the festival. Bess Kargman totally made ‘First Position' for people like me - the ones who are complete suckers for documentaries about kids competing (see also: Racing Dreams, Spellbound and Frontrunners for starters…) and cannot walk away from incredible dance sequences.

Absolutely wonderful film and will be screening around the country next month. Check it out!

Just a warning…

For the next few days I will be at a film festival. I apologize in advance for what may be a flood of reviews, recommendations and remarks.

Things will be back to normal on Monday. See you then!

Caine's Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.

This is pretty much the best video I’ve seen in weeks. A very good (albeit temporary) antidote to tall the interwebs negativity. (Don’t be intimidated by the 10 minute run time. It’s a quick watch and totes worth it.)

Film by Nirvan Mullick