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Reverb 11 - Day Nine

Reverb11 Day Nine: How did you travel in 2011? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

In the last year I have, on occasion, traveled by plane, train and automobile.

The first trip this year was a quickie - a train ride up to CT to celebrate my father’s 60th birthday, followed by a day in NYC visiting with some friends. I don’t even think it was a long weekend. I think it was just a weekend. This is why I am grateful for amtrak. You can do such getaways easily.

The second jaunt was a (long) weekend trip to Brattleboro, VT, just to relax in the midst of a busy Spring semester. Fakes and I traveled via amtrak and it was great. I think, over the duration of the trip there and back, I read through three or four Joyce Carol Oates books. The trip itself was lovely - we did some hiking, ate a lot of great food and generally just wandered about.

The next trip I made was (via car) to the Full Frame film festival in Raleigh, NC. It was amazing. In addition to Fakes, we had a couple classmates (though we’re only close with one of them) and our two amazing instructors. For four days we woke up in the morning, ate a quick breakfast then spent the day watching movies (until midnightish) with occasional breaks for food. In addition we attended a few master classes and went to some panels. A great experience.

The fourth trip this year (via Plane) was to Twin Falls, ID for Fakes’s sister's wedding. This trip included stops and stays (some scheduled, some surprises) in Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City and Boise. We visited with Fakes's family and friends and had our first foray in The Hunger Games (now an obsession for us both…) - I read out loud while he drove from Boise to Twin Falls. While the trips was quite stressful (delays, layovers, missed connections, being chased around an airport by an angry cabby) we had a great time.

Finally (maybe) Fakes and I drove to the Outer Banks in August and spent a week lying around the beaches of Cape Hatteras. We saw dolphins, went on boat rides, ate a lot of fresh seafood, read a lot of books - generally just relaxed. T’was fabulous.

As for the remainder of the year - I’m trying to get up to New England “around” the “holidays” but we’ll see if that pans out…Next year - we’re aiming to make a big trip in March, but it’s not confirmed yet, as the place only makes reservations 60 days in advance…stay tuned. I’d like to go back to Full Frame and/or to other film festivals. And another week at the beach is a must, as it’s the most relaxing way to get away from work. I’d like to try to go home more and visit frans in the city more often, this is all if money permits… :)


Here’s something cool I didn’t know existed - Breakdancing Shakespeare - a youth program that’s part of Hartford Stage. How cool! Read more here.

(Sorry the video is such an awkward size!)