5 Films Netflix Recommended and I loved…

I don’t think I would have seen any of these films were it not for Netflix’s recommendation based on the films/shows I’d (we’d) rated…

Gomorrah5.) Gomorrah - I loved this film for the long, single takes. The cinematography made me feel like I was breathing with the film. Quite lovely.

Goodbye Solo4.) Goodbye Solo - Ramin Bahrani keeps the script and overall production simple which allows the viewer (ahem me) to relish the relationship between the two lead characters.

Reprise3.) Reprise - I knew I loved this film, because the subtitles were half cut off and I didn’t want to stop watching it. Not only was it brilliantly written and performed, but it made me, as a viewer, question my relationships w/friends, as well as how my perception of past events has changed over time.

Diggers2.) Diggers - The fact that Ken Marino wrote the script certainly sucked me in, but Paul Rudd and Lauren Ambrose added a lot of appeal. It’s cliche, but this film was charming. It was one of those moment-in-time films that makes you realize our true identities lie in how we handle all the stuff that life may throw at us.

The Vicious Kind1.) The Vicious Kind - Adam Scott. J.K. Simmons. Beautiful cinematography. Great music. Depressing, interesting, uplifting script. Incredibly well acted. I don’t think I’ll get sick of this film…or Adam Scott.

Have you seen and loved any films, that you would not have seen were it not for a Netflix recommendation?

Elle Deau: One Sentence or less reviews


A bunch of the stuff in my netflix instant queue expired today. My partner and I spent the last week trying to watch as much of it as possible. Here is a one sentence or less review for each film we watched.

Lean on Me-While the filmmakers based the story real events, and created a nicely…