Opening this week: Obvious Child

It’s HERE! One of the first HUGE entertainment weeks of the summer! In addition to the return of Orange is the New Black some really exciting movies are opening this week! I’ll post a trailer and some info each day this week! Exciting!

Up first: Obvious Child (obviouschildmovie), starring Jenny Slate who you may know from Parks and Recreation and Bob’s Burgers among many other things.

Billed as an “abortion comedy,” director Gillian Robespierre’s film started as a (web-based) short back in 2009. Following widespread internet attention, Robespierre crowdfunded her feature.

The trailer is above, so I won’t delve into a plot summary, but I will share why I’m excited to see it. Because the point of view, to me, is refreshing.

The New York Times explains a bit:

”(Knocked Up, Juno & Waitress) were all movies I enjoyed,’ (Robespierre) said … But she felt ‘rubbed the wrong way by the misrepresentation of women on screen when it came to unplanned pregnancy,’ she said. ‘They just didn’t feel true.’

The film, in other words, is Robespierre’s attempt at portraying an honest depiction of how a woman may deal with an unplanned pregnancy … and do it comedically.

Looking forward to it!

I REALLY LOVE that she wanted to tell an “honest, unplanned pregnancy” story. How refreshing!

The government should keep its hands off women’s bodies—period. Instead we have politicians trying to stop private insurance providers from covering abortions. Seriously? What on earth makes them think they have the right to do that? These are decisions that must be made by each individual woman herself, either in dialogue with her partner or on her own in her apartment when the goddamn Clearblue Easy comes back positive—not the government. It’s bad enough that Aetna’s only going to pay for half the procedure, anyway; we don’t need a bunch of old men in Washington making things even worse.
Because of El Salvador’s absolute ban on all abortions, seventeen Salvadoran women who arrived at public healthcare facilities after suffering a miscarriage, stillbirth or other obstetric complication, often hemorrhaging and unconscious, were accused of provoking an abortion and turned over to police. They were prosecuted for aggravated homicide based on a constitutional amendment declaring that life begins at conception and now sit in prison, serving sentences of up to 40 years.
To say ‘Just have the baby’ is to say ‘Just risk a prolonged illness, surgery, and the loss of your income when you have a lot of new expenses.’ It’s to tell someone casually that they should sign up for the possibility of experiencing more physical pain and agony than they thought a person could live through, and maybe having a great deal of it continue for days, weeks, months, possibly even years.
A comparison of tweets hashtagged #StandwithWendy and #SitDownWendy.

A comparison of tweets hashtagged #StandwithWendy and #SitDownWendy.

TW: Rape, Abortion, etc.

September 7, 2004 was the night I was raped.

September 7, 2004 was the night that my rapist’s sperm met my egg and I was impregnated with the child of my rapist.

I thought about all of this as I watched you passionately advocate on behalf of “the tiny little babies” and the only reaction I could muster was "how dare you.”

How dare you, Representative Franks. Your claim of caring about the “pain of the tiny babies” rings hollow when one remembers your support of the Ryan Budget, which would have slashed over $36 billion from food assistance programs. You called them “slush funds” and “runaway federal spending.” This from a member of the House of Representatives, who makes more in a month than I do in a year.

How dare you, Representative Franks. Your claim of caring about the “increased risk of suicide” among those who seek abortions rings hollow when, again and again, you have voted to strip people like me of health care by voting for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the slashing of Medicare and Medicaid. These programs that I, personally, rely on so that I can afford counseling to help me deal with the trauma of being raped.  After all, “health care” involves your mental health as well.

How dare you, Representative Franks. Your faux concern for the physical and mental well-being of parents and their children is sickening when you have over and over again proven your concern for both is nonexistent. 

—Bria Murray in her open letter to Trent Franks


Do you understand why DC needs fucking statehood?

Because asswipe Congresspeople from Arizona propose legislation to ban abortions after 20 weeks IN WASHINGTON DC and BAN DC’s delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton from testifying.

THAT, tumblr, is one of the countless fucking reasons DC needs statehood NOW!

DC constituents did not elect you, Trent Franks, Arizona constituents did! Keep your bullshit woman hating laws over there.

(Source: Washington Post)