To say ‘Just have the baby’ is to say ‘Just risk a prolonged illness, surgery, and the loss of your income when you have a lot of new expenses.’ It’s to tell someone casually that they should sign up for the possibility of experiencing more physical pain and agony than they thought a person could live through, and maybe having a great deal of it continue for days, weeks, months, possibly even years.
A comparison of tweets hashtagged #StandwithWendy and #SitDownWendy.

A comparison of tweets hashtagged #StandwithWendy and #SitDownWendy.

TW: Rape, Abortion, etc.

September 7, 2004 was the night I was raped.

September 7, 2004 was the night that my rapist’s sperm met my egg and I was impregnated with the child of my rapist.

I thought about all of this as I watched you passionately advocate on behalf of “the tiny little babies” and the only reaction I could muster was "how dare you.”

How dare you, Representative Franks. Your claim of caring about the “pain of the tiny babies” rings hollow when one remembers your support of the Ryan Budget, which would have slashed over $36 billion from food assistance programs. You called them “slush funds” and “runaway federal spending.” This from a member of the House of Representatives, who makes more in a month than I do in a year.

How dare you, Representative Franks. Your claim of caring about the “increased risk of suicide” among those who seek abortions rings hollow when, again and again, you have voted to strip people like me of health care by voting for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the slashing of Medicare and Medicaid. These programs that I, personally, rely on so that I can afford counseling to help me deal with the trauma of being raped.  After all, “health care” involves your mental health as well.

How dare you, Representative Franks. Your faux concern for the physical and mental well-being of parents and their children is sickening when you have over and over again proven your concern for both is nonexistent. 

—Bria Murray in her open letter to Trent Franks


Do you understand why DC needs fucking statehood?

Because asswipe Congresspeople from Arizona propose legislation to ban abortions after 20 weeks IN WASHINGTON DC and BAN DC’s delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton from testifying.

THAT, tumblr, is one of the countless fucking reasons DC needs statehood NOW!

DC constituents did not elect you, Trent Franks, Arizona constituents did! Keep your bullshit woman hating laws over there.

(Source: Washington Post)

Mississippi legislature tightens restrictions on abortion providers



[NB: more people than just cis women want and need abortion care.]

Mississippi lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday that would require any physician performing abortions in the state to be a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist and to have admitting privileges at an area hospital.

The bill “should effectively close the only abortion clinic in Mississippi,” said Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves in a statement. “This is a strong bill that will effectively end abortion in Mississippi.” If the state’s only abortion facility, Jackson Women’s Health Organization, closes, Mississippi women seeking abortions would have to leave the state.

NO, Lt. Gov. Reeves. You will never ever “end abortion in Mississippi.” What you meant to say (because it’s the truth) is that this bill would end SAFE abortion in Mississippi.

A lot of abortion material here the last couple days, but absolutely relevant. ANY attempts to take away a person’s right to decide what happens to their body/make their own healthcare choices, is indeed an act of coercion and thus an act of terrorism. Mississippi’s government is committing an act of terrorism against its constituency. Do not believe for a second that it is doing ANYTHING LESS.

YES. Controlling a person’s access to/ability to choose healthcare is indeed a form of terrorism.

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Have we all seen this already? Am I late on something again?

This video, essentially a staged reading of tweets tagged #tomyunbornchild does a fabulous job of providing a visual for internet ignorance and stupidity and thus highlighting how damaging and scary it is.

Also, feel free to tweet back at any of the “screenwriters”…

Must read!

The Washington Post’s piece about an abortion clinic landlord standing up to anti-choice thugs.


Soon after that, the harassing calls started coming to his home. By the dozens, at all hours. Friends asked him how they could help. He began to take down the names and phone numbers of people who made unwanted calls. And he gave the information to his friends and asked them to call these folks back.

“In a very calm, very respectful voice, they said that the Stave family thanks you for your prayers,” he said. “They cannot terminate the lease, and they do not want to. They support women’s rights.”

This started with a dozen or so friends, and then it grew. Soon, more than a thousand volunteers were dialing.

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