The best campaign counter-attack video I HAVE EVER SEEN. Obama 2012 

”So we’re going to call their BS when we see it and we need your help to call them on it too and set the record straight. So share this, tweet it, facebook it, I keep hearing about tumblr and whatever that is…please use that too. Thank you.”

-Stephanie Cutter / Deputy Campaign Manager at Obama for America. 

And a Tumblr shout-out. 

This ad was great until she started stating the other side’s claims.



Is there anyone at Obama for America who knows ANYTHING about successful messaging? When you state the other side’s claim you lose. Period. You enforce the other side’s message simply by stating it. EVEN when you state it to dispute it.

George Lakoff’s Reinforcing the Frame 101.

This video could have been made the same way, with the same script, minus all the restated, false claims. WHAT reason is there to draw attention to the fact that you’re disputing something? Why not, you know, just state good, positive facts, minus the other side’s language?