Haven’t done an 80’s Friday in awhile…time to rectify.

Rockwell and Michael Jackson want you to have a fabulous weekend, and they hope no one is watching you.

Happy 80’s Friday! This Friday marks my final day at the job where I’ve worked for three years. I’m sharing this song today so that Monday morning you can all imagine me walking into my new job with this song as the soundtrack!

Enjoy your weekend, may you find s/he who you’re looking for.

Happy 80’s Friday. I saw some people discussing the first CD’s they ever owned. The first CD I owned as the soundtrack to Cocktail. I think I played this song on repeat way way too many times. I can’t believe my parents tolerated me.

Run DMC - It's Tricky by jpdc11

Happy 80’s Friday. Here’s hoping no one bothers your poor father ‘cause he’s down.with….you.

Happy 80’s Friday! May your parents go away on a week vacation and leave you the keys to the Porsche.

(And Leslie Knope’s version…of course.)

In honor of Greg Ham, of Men at Work fame, this is your 80’s Friday.

May your head stay free of zombies as you navigate the weekend’s hippie trail!

Happy 80’s Friday. Have a wonderful weekend, and if you’re a person who celebrates Easter, assume the ‘boy’ mentioned in the song is Jesus.

Back in the earliest days of this tumblr I posted an 80’s song each Friday and appropriately called it “80’s Friday”. I hate that I let the tradition fall by the proverbial wayside.

Today I bring 80’s Friday back friends.

Happy 80’s Friday! May you avoid sitting through Un Chien Andalou this weekend and debase as you see fit!

Happy 80’s Friday (and long weekend to boot). May you learn to fly again!

It’s 80’s friday time again…I neglected this blog all week. Gah! Next week. There will be posts. And they will be awesome. For now, Happy 80’s Friday…may you keep the sheriff’s posse off your tail…

(Sorry for the lame vid…it was the best youtube option…I spared you from some really lame fan vids…)